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Designer Georgia Hardinge presented a fashion film directed by Sarah Piantadoshi for her Fall / Winter 2010- 2011 collection at London fashion week.

Georgia Hardinge, born in London to the late French/ Canadian Lord Nick Hardinge and German born Baroness Florence von Oppenheim, (also deceased.) Georgia’s transient early life gave her the chance to travel and develop her fascination with design. In 2008 Georgia graduated from Parsons Paris School of Art and Design. Awarded ‘the Golden Thimble’ for best designer for her graduate collection, she was recognized for creating highly technical and structural pieces which showed her creativity for contemporary design.

Continuing her success, Samsung then went on to choose her to create a one off collection for their international commercial. Georgia has always had an interest in music and fashion. During her studies in Paris she channelled her musical talent into recording a debut album in London. Music still plays an important role in Georgia’s life.

After a return to London at the age of 25 Georgia set up her fashion label in early 2009. Subsequently, Georgia was chosen to take part in All Walks Beyond The Catwalk in July 2009. A new project set up by Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor, it challenges the expectations of ready-to-wear imagery by showcasing a variety of age, shape and sizes of model. The catwalk event shown at London Fashion Week also included designers Mark Fast and Hannah Marshall.

Georgia successfully exhibited her first collection with ON/OFF during London Fashion Week in September 2009. Her inspiration for design comes from a passion for architectural shapes and sculpture, which can be seen throughout her work, forming landscape shapes to uniquely accentuate and flatter the female silhouette. Fashion is Georgia’s way of moulding design techniques to create an art piece of lasting purpose. She believes that “the highest approach of Art awareness is through Fashion”.