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This is the XXXX MAGAZINE archive. Our main site www.4x-magazine.com is no longer operating as Flash has been discontinued (2020).

XXXX MAGAZINE – The “Untitled” Magazine

XXXX Magazine was a multimedia publication showcasing original productions of video art, fashion films, and documentary shorts by a wide array of international contributing artists and directors. It was published bi-annually (2009 – 2011) with each issue revolving around a specific theme. Issues included the Kaleidoscopic, Surreal, Voyeur, and Voyage Issues. The publication was relaunched in 2011 as the internationally distributed print magazine renamed “The Untitled Magazine” which is available at retailers in over 30 countries. The Untitled Magazine’s online edition is currently live at untitled-magazine.com.

XXXX Magazine is no longer being updated (since 2011), although we are continuing to maintain the online archive of original films and content produced for the publication.


XXXX Magazine breaks the mold of traditional publishing by creating a magazine that is a 3-dimensional experience for viewers.  Rather than reading an article or looking at still photographs, XXXX Magazine presents content in motion as a multimedia experience. XXXX Magazine was created to promote collaborations between artists, showcasing the work of not just established names, but also emerging talent. Aside from the “virtual” online magazine, XXXX showcases the work of contributors in special events such as installations, screenings, exhibits and spontaneous “happenings” on a regular basis in cites including New York, Paris, and London. XXXX  Magazine special events include The Voyeur Exhibit at Art Basel Miami 2010, sponsored by The American Friends of the Louvre, Miami Art Museum and Quintessentially. In June 2010 XXXX Magazine presented a Video Art installation at the Soiree Au Louvre Benefit for the Louvre Museum in New York at the French Embassy, premiering the films from the second issue. In January/February 2010 Visionairs Gallery in Paris presented Carte Blanche, a multimedia exhibit featuring the productions from the “Kaleidoscopic” Issue, as well as a preview of the “Surreal” Issue. Other recent events include the Face Off / Dance Off at Norwood Arts Club in New York, and a Video Installation at The Costes boite, Matignon, in Paris during fashion week March 2011. XXXX Magazine original videos were screened daily on the The Big Screen Plaza, from 2011-2012 in Chelsea, Manhattan. They were additionally featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s benefit exhibition “Facets of Figuration” September 2011, and at The La Jolla Film Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in July 2012.

What does XXXX stand for? There are several meanings behind the name…XXXX is commonly used as a placeholder – so you can later “fill in the blank”, thus signifying that it can mean “anything”.  It is also generally used to mean “untitled’, and thus is the ultimate symbol for “creative freedom”.  ”X” in mathematical terms means “multiply” – if you think about  ”multimedia” it stands for the multiplication of various medias, exponentially creating a progressive result in their unique combination.   XXXX Magazine is about promoting collaboration between artists, multiplying the talents of one artist with the other to create new and exciting work beyond what one is capable of creating on their own. And lastly “X” stands for “kisses” as we sign off… XXXX