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Releasing her collection for the first time at New York Fashion Week, Canadian born designer, Fotini, delivered an innovative show of her upcoming collection. Models adorning glamorous floor length dresses lounged on chaise longue’s while others draped their arms strategically across the fireplace. Guests steeped into what had been deliberately envisioned to appear as a painting, although it did edge towards looking like a scene from London’s Madame Taussaud’s.

Once thing is for sure, it certainly was a pretty picture.  Describing her clothes as being ‘perfect for the red carpet, the hotel suite and dance floor as we women are all part angel and devil. ‘ With this vision of women in mind, Fotini guided her collection with two dominant directions in mind.  Exquisite tulle and embellished ball gowns were modelled alongside ruffed lace collar blouses, jersey dresses and cigarette pants. Silk columns and soft chiffon bounced light around the room. Key details included the models’ hair which was heavily bouffed into voluminous, subtly curly locks.

Fashion Week Coverage Directed by Indira Cesarine for XXXX Magazine
Photography by Jeffrey Gamble