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GALATEA (7:42)
Directed by Iris Brosch
Featuring Audrey Tchekova
Styling by Petra Bohne
Cinematography by Pierre Dal Corso
Sound and voice by Nicole Renaud

Galatea (7:42) was directed by Iris Brosch. The film presents Galatea, the sea nymph, played by Audrey Tchekova. Her poetic journey juxtaposes the spirituality of the sea with the decandence of ancient Venice. Cinematography by Pierre Dal Corso, with sound and voice by Nicole Renaud. Styling by Petra Bohne.

Iris Brosch
The artist, photographer and director Iris Brosch, living between New York and Paris, is known internationally for restoring dignity and strength to the image of women in photography. Her photographic style has been described as “Miuccia Prada meets Leonardo da Vinci”. Brosch’s unique celebration of female sensuality moves in fresh and fascinating directions in her ability to rework timeless classicism with a thoroughly modern twist. The work of Iris Brosch is and isn’t anything we have seen before. It is Raphaelian. It is Modern. It is mystical and ethereal, anchored by the weight of a powerful female mind.

Audrey Tchekova

Petra Bohne
German born stylist, Petra Bohne, studied fashion at the studio Berçot. Based in Paris, she is contributing with the international Editions of CondéNast.
Petra worked with photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Ellen von Unwerth, Annie Leibovitz,, Thierry le Goues, Donna Trope, Iris Brosch, Ali Mahdavi, Julien Marschall, Rasmus Morgensen, Thomas Schenk, Thiemo Sanders, Barry Elkins, André Rau, Laurent Darmont, Monika Robl, Christophe Meimoon, Thierry van Biesen, Sabine Villiard…
After working as a fashion editor for L’Officiel and Femme, Petra is now working as a free-lance stylist. Her work has been featured in Spanish Vogue, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Russian Elle, Dealer de Luxe, Petra has consulted for the stocking brand Wolford. Lately she has worked on campaigns such as Lancome, L’Oréal, Garnier, Wella, Daniel Swarovski, Les Galeries Lafayette, Renault and Opel. She has worked on advertising films for L’Oréal, Suchard and Lustucru.

Pierre Dal Corso

Nicole Renaud
The French singer / accordionist explores an international repertoire of original material and covers, at the crossroads of troubadour chants, baroque arias, chansons and ambient music. She sings in French, English, Italian and German. She divides her time between New York, Paris and Capri.