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JULIA (2:47)
Directed by Michael Williams
Starring Julia K
Produced by Tracy Brown
Editor Isobelle Ehrich & Rooster Post Production
Flame Artist: Andrew Rolfe & Track & Field
Featuring: Julia K @ Elmer Olsen Model MGMT
Styling by Rita Fioruccu @ Judy Inc
Music “Wichita” by The Dirty Glamour
Special Thanks to The Thompson Hotel, Toronto
Julia (2:47) directed by Michael Williams, features model Julia K. The fashion film presents a playful flirtation in a hotel bedroom, as the seductive Julia entices the viewer with her charms. Shot at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto, the video features the song “Wichita” by The Dirty Glamour. Edited by Isobelle Ehrich and Rooster Post Production with styling by Rita Fioruccu.
Director and photographer Michael Williams started his career in Paris shooting for many of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle and many others. He now lives between NYC and LA and directs TV commercials as well as focusing his photography talents on celebrity portraiture, beauty and ‘special projects’ only when it comes to fashion.
Julia K.
Tracy Brown
Tracy brings energy and years of experience to Judy Inc as a head booker to hair and makeup, wardrobe, food and prop stylists. Starting off at Judy Inc as their Office Manager, Tracy soon moved to the booking table as an agent. Five years passed and Tracy decided to switch gears, accepting a position as a model booker at Elmer Olsen’s agency.
Tracy has returned to Judy Inc to continue her work as head booker, managing the careers of Toronto’s most talented artists (while managing life as a mother of three teenagers). When she’s not fielding calls on her Blackberry (which isn’t very often) Tracy enjoys a good glass of wine and the company of friends.
Isobelle Ehrich