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In SoHo on Wednesday March 31, 2011 Levi’s presented its fall collection for 2011 influenced by travels through the southwest. This season, Levi’s reaches out to the active and environmentally conscious with a collection that highlights its Commuter Cycling Series designed specifically with commuting bicyclists in mind. With reflective details and a utility feature designed to hold a u-lock, the series provides added safety and practicality to their tried and true designs.

The designers drew inspiration from southwestern landscapes, and this reference was best seen in the hand-crafted finishes on the denim that strove to play with ideas of dust, oil and wax in an eco-friendly way. For instance, Levi’s does not use sandblasting to treat their jeans – a process that has been proven to cause a form of occupational lung disease from breathing in dust during the treatment. Instead, Levi’s is experimenting with other finishes from their Water<Less collection.

During the evening, models sprawled about in a bathtub, a bed, and even a 1950’s blue Chevrolet Thunderbird. Old school hip-hop complemented the young and upbeat crowd, including XXXX Magazine stylist Brit Cato.

Photos by Phillip Angert
Event photos by Scoge