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Directed and Edited by Diego Corredor
Starring Alison Woodward
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Styling by Alison Woodward
Lust & Indulgence (1:58) directed and edited by Diego Corredor, stars Alison Woodward. The conceptual short is from the point of view of a voyeur who has become captivated by the intensity of a stranger. As he is pulled into the woman’s private world, her self-indulgence and lust for herself leave the voyeur with a constant quest. His curiosity possesses his reason. Music by Kevin MacLeod with styling by Alison Woodward.

Diego Corredor
Diego Corredor graduated from the School of Art + Design at SUNY Purchase College with a BFA degree in Mix Media. He has worked on multimedia installations incorporating video, sound, performance, photography and drawing. He has been featured in several group art shows in New York and his main interests revolve around contemporary art, film, photography and fashion. Diego is based in New York and his desire is to continue to create his art form from his  personal and individual point of view.
Alison Woodward
Alison Woodward grew up as a ballet dancer studying for twelve years at the school of American ballet in New York City’s Lincoln Center. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to work hands on with masters such as Mr. George Balanchine and Igor Stravinsky and performed at a young age at the New York state theatre and the Metropolitan Opera House as well as the Kennedy center and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the music center. Although dance has always been her true passion, she has also acted and appeared in t.v. and music videos and worked at the Sotheby’s auction house. She has a true appreciation for beauty in all its various forms – fashion and helping to conceptualize photo shoots has recently become a strong interest as well.  She is currently teaching dance privately and plans to continue dancing forever!