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I caught up today with the creator of Phonebook, the latest photo journalistic essay by photographer and film maker CB Carter Smith.  The book presents a glimpse into the personal life of the artist, through photos taken on his camera phone and his text messages, montaged into a thoroughly modern layout that keeps you turning the pages. Images of girls on the loo juxtaposed with shots out of airplane windows, and even a chicken at sunrise lingering on a New York street captivate with their realism and rawness. Carter said he never planned to create the book, it was only after reflecting on the images and texts that he realized where he could take it.  After breaking up with his wife of 12 years he, he spiraled into a period of self proclaimed debauchery… “To put Phonebook in context, it all began after a calamitous breakup, when my life was thrown into a fragmented mess. This leads to the proverbial “lost weekend”… A two-year descent into debauchery and adventure. I know Phonebook might not be for everyone, but this was my life, take it or leave it.”  Check out the link above for a multimedia version of the hardbound, capturing his life in the fast lane.

These days you can find him jetting around on a multi-city tour of the book,  and presenting exhibits of the work.  Look out for his next event coming up soon in Rome. You can buy your own copy of the book now at Collette’s e-store: www.colette.fr

Indira Cesarine for XXXX Magazine