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Directed by Ion Manciulescu
Featuring Cindy Bobbio
Edited by Sebastien Praznoczy
Cinematography by Cristobal DIAZ
Music by Daly N’Guessan 
Written by Arnold Levy & Ion Manciulescu
Produced by Arnold Levy, Ion Manciulescu & Richard Pizon
Assistant Director Romain Houbart
Calibration by Sebastien Praznoczy
Post-Synchronization by Thix Sound Design
Sound Mixer & Mastering by Guillaume Callier
Special Thanks to Full Dawa Films, Théodore Morichau-Beauchant, Romain Lebonniec & Alice Henry
Directed by Ion Manciulescu, Retrocorps (6:13), features actress Cindy Bobbio.  The story focuses on Mary, who is 23, and has just been born.  For the first time in her life, her eyes are wide open, and she can discover the world around her.  Through the sensitive experience, Mary finds and builds herself, until she can speak.  The first word she will say will change her life forever.  Edited by Sebastien Praznoczy, cinematography by Cristobal Diaz, and music by Daly N’Guessan.
Ion Manciulescu
Ion Manciulescu is a young French writer-director. Attracted by the writing and the camera, he began working as director for videos clips and short films after graduation. In parallel, he met director Fred Demont and became his assistant on several projects, including a short feature for the Arte TV channel “Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible” and a TV series “Paris 16” for the M6 TV channel.
He works a lot as assistant director (1 long film, 9 short features, including 7 clips of Kery James, Diam’s, Sexion d’assaut.) and this experience led him to make films more personals and professionals.

His favorite theme, human relationships, is oriented towards the link between body and consciousness. So in 2009 he directed a short feature “Retrocorps” which tells the symbolic birth of a woman to the world, reaching up to his individuality.
In 2010 he directed a second movie “Les Âmes Noires” with as main actress Maria de Medeiros. It’s a love story in a totalitarian world, and like “Retrocorps”, its visuals are clean and stylish. Ion Manciulescu now divides his time between writing several projects, and exercising his assistant director’s work.
Cindy Bobbio
Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1984, Cindy Bobbio’s first theatre experience was in West Africa, Benin. This followed by an experience with a band of free-style acting and one with the Forum Theater in Geneva, giving her the passion of theater.
She attended the French professional acting school “Le Cours Florent” in Paris, France, under the direction of teachers such as Dimitri Rataud, Michelle Arfaud, Christian Croset. This included a three year internship with Lesly Chatterley. In 2007, she earned her professional Diploma of the Academy.
Among her theater experiences, she played a series of time: “Copi  – Les Quatres Jumelles” under Octavia Lanza at St-Honore Theater in Paris; then the spinster for the social of Goussainville “Mosaik de Culture”. Moreover she further participates in festivals competitions such the Limoux Festival in France.
Her experience in the Short Film genre was a strong start into the film industry. She played in several different E.S.S.R.A short films directed by Quentin Berchoux; among them a short film called “Soyez Réalistes, Demandez L’impossible” under Fred Demont, produced for the European channel ARTE.
She ended up having her first principal film role for the movie “Retrocorps” by Ion Manciulescu, featured in this issue of XXXX Magazine. In 2011, she is playing in the experimental musical comedy “Potes Dents Fer”.
Daly N’Guessan
Born on the 21st of October, 1985, Daly N’Guessan spent his childhood in Barbizon, a city near Paris. There, he discovered his taste for music and composing, helped by his mother who plays piano. He went to Paris to study music, and played on stage with different bands (Antx, Kiss the Change) in some of the most famous places in Paris (Elysée-Montmartre, la Fleche d’Or, La Boule Noire and so on).
It is in Paris that he meets different filmmakers to work on their projects. One of them being Ion Manciulescu, who asked him to compose Retrocorps’ soundtrack.
Arnold Levy
Arnold Levy is a young property dealer in Paris. He participated in the financing of two short films directed by his friend Ion Manciulescu: “Retrocorps” and “Les Âmes Noires”. Interested in project development, he also participated in “Retrocorps” writing and visual design.
Richard Pizon
Richard Pizon marked his debut in French cinema as an assistant director. The image was then his focus, as he became a cameraman and a cinematographer. A few years later, he threw himself into writing screenplays, some of which were financed by the most important producers of the time in Paris. Over the years, these tasks have set the foundation for his role as a director.
Conscious about his economic responsibility and dedicated to creating without hindrance, Richard believes it is his responsibility to produce his own films and consequently created his own production house, Zipy Productions, whose aim is oriented on two axes: First, creating a work tool for all cinema genres; Second, directing and producing not only his own work but those of others as well. Short fiction films, cartoons and publicity spots have become his daily work.
2011 will become the year where feature films are at the forefront of his focus.