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On January 11th, Bethnal Green’s Vilma Gold Gallery unveiled the exhibition titled The Invisible Show by London-based artist Brian Griffiths. The show is a series of cuboid metal frames cloaked in a beige tarpaulin material placed in a long row. On opening night visitors maneuvered around the tent-like objects, some crouching on hands and knees to catch a glimpse of what could be under the cumbersome material. Griffiths refers to the structures as the ‘fabricated found object’ created from ‘ready-mades’ such as the mass-produced tarpaulin.

The Invisible Show as been related to H.G. Wells1897 novella, The Invisible Man, where the protagonist attempts to make himself invisible to the world by disguising himself in excessive bandages and garments. His efforts to mask his identity has the opposite effect and only makes him conspicuous and suspicious to those around him. Griffiths’ heavy ‘skins’ that swathe the cube frames are intended to make its invisibility obvious. Like Well’s novel, Griffith’s places the heavily tarped structures in the white gallery space in what could be an attempt to camouflage them in the white walls of the gallery.

For this exhibit, the artist in a sense has treated the gallery space as ‘a microism, an enclosed beige universe of its own.’ The gallery or universe then becomes the ultimate gigantic container described as a large beige container; a cosmic latte, unibeige, skyvory, an everything container holding more, smaller, beige containers. The structures appear temporary yet stable and ask the viewer to look at them, into them, to fill the gap.


Dates and Times:

The Invisible Show is on until February 19th 2012.

Offices are open Monday to Friday 10-6 pm

During exhibitions the gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 10-6 pm and by appointment.

Vilma Gold   6 Minerva Street, London E2 9EH

(0)20 7729 9888 www.vilmagold.com mail@vilmagold.com



Event Photographs by Marta Colli. Article by Daria McWilliams for XXXX Magazine