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Created by Romy Northover
Special Thanks to Maxim Northover
Catherine (1:32) was created by Romy Northover. The film was made using footage from YouTube to emphasize society’s fixation of other people’s lives on the Internet. The footage is reduced and removed from its original, like a worn out and re-played video tape of an obsessive scopophiliac. We are introduced to “Catherine” as she reveals intimate details to the fixated viewer, yet left wanting to know more.
Romy Northover
Romy Northover was born in London and now lives and works in New York. In 2004 She recieved the warden’s purchace prize on her graduation from Goldsmiths, After graduating she spent several months on a research programme in Hong Kong. In 2008 she was awarded a grant to study and work in Venice, Italy. She has also tutored at the University of the Arts London. She frequently contributes with her sibling Maxim Northover, Together they completed a three month residency in Berlin.
Her recent solo show LUXOR was at the Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery, London. She has participated in group shows at the ICA, and The Slade research centre London and with Performer Stammtisch in Berlin. Screenings at video art festivals include: Fashion Shorts at The Tribeca Grand New York, Loop Barcelona, Optica Madrid/Paris, and at the Werstatt der Kulturen in Berlin.