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WAITING  (4:53)
Directed by Dimitri Hyacinthe
Starring Veranika Antsipava @ Ford Models
Edited by Devon Talbert
Stylist Johnny Ducoin
Makeup by Nikkie Manray
Hair  by Shalom Sharon
Shot on the Red Camera
Director of Photography  Lucas Fantini
AC Aldo di Berardino
AC Garrett Davis
Music by Moby
Special Thanks to Federico Pignatelli, Alan Balian, Evan Giordanella and the entire Pier 59 Family.
Waiting (4:53) directed by Dimitri Hyacinthe, stars Veranika Antsipava from Ford Models. The fashion film presents an emotional vignette as we watch Veranika through her window blinds. Red Camera crew sponsored by Pier 59 Studios, with fashion styling by Johnny Ducoin. Edited by Devon Talbert with music by Moby.
Dimitri Hyacinthe
Dimitri HyacintheIs a New York based Fashion photographer.
Having attended art school at a very young age in he’s mothers native country, Haiti.  Dimitri Hyacinthe has always sought to create images that will last through time like work of art. With a keen sense for composition, he manages to capture images that are always true and pure no matter how surreal the context may be. It is the same honesty that he maintains as he begins he’s film career.
Veranika Antsipava
Devon Talbert
Devon Talbert, based in New York City, is a freelance videographer and editor with over ten years of shooting and editing experience.  Devon Talbert is known for his creativity, edgy and fresh style of shooting and editing, acute attention to detail as well as the ability to produce a well polished finished end product.
Devon Talbert range of work includes documentaries, commercials, promotional material, music videos and fashion with clients such as Macy’s, Nike, And 1, Oster and Mac.