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V.O.Y.E.U.R. (3:23)
Created by Chiara Cola
Featuring photography by Kofi Paintsil In collaboration with House Of Flora
Music by Arbol
Digital Animation & Video Director Chiara Cola
Co-Art Direction by Kofi Paintsil
Edited by Marco Urbani & Chiara Cola
Styling by Kofi Paintsil
Makeup & Nails by Stephanie Stokkvik
Hair by Shinya Fukami
Set Design by Kofi Paintsil
V.O.Y.E.U.R. (3:23) was created by Chiara Cola, with photography by Kofi Paintsil in collaboration with House of Flora.  Featuring six models, six letters, six stories, it is a voyeuristic investigation of six intimate moments. Exploring vibrations of the inner life of people and the secret life of objects. A digital, photographic and musical path, cumulating into a poetic and visual declaration of voyeurism. Music by Arbol, edited by Marco Urbani and Chiara Cola.
Chiara Cola
Chiara Cola is an Italian digital artist working with videos, printing and fabrics design. She has exhibited her work in galleries in Italy, London, and Hong Kong. She has been a Finalist in the international competition “Visionary cities” at the Alphaville Festival, London, UK.
She loves investigating the mysterious interstices between reality and imagination and the hidden lives of objects and people.
Kofi Paintsil
Kofi Paintsil is a London born and based photographer. His work has been awarded by D&AD and previously short listed for the Sony world photography awards.
Kofi’s interest in photography began while studying at Camberwell College of Art, London. He is fascinated and involved in every aspect of his shoots, be it the hair and makeup, fashion direction or constructing the set.
He constantly strives to push his creative vision and create new environments and capture the ambience in imaginative and beautiful ways, for which his work attests, and bringing his visions, often originating from his illustrations, to life. The light plays the central role in achieving the resulting images.
Stephanie Stokkvik
I am originally from Norway and am based in London.
I work within fashion and beauty as well as tv, bridal and music
videos, and have been published internationally in countries such as Dubai, Australia, USA, Russia, UK and Spain. Have a look in my blog or latest work to see what I’m currently up to!