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NEXT DOOR (2:20)
Created by Diana Eugeni Le Quesne
Starring Melinda Szepesi & Natalie Kuzmenko
Cinematography by Dirk Lindner & Diana Le Quesne
Featuring Melinda Szepesi @ Ice-Milan
and Natalie Kuzmenko @ City Models
Styling by Diana Le Qusne & Jay PINXIE Turnbull
Hair & Makeup by Jay Pinxie Turnbull assisted by Jessica Purple Montonato
Music by Marco Iannelli ‘Nostalgia’ remixed with organic sounds
Starring Melinda Szepesi and Natalie Kuzmenko, Next Door (2:20), was created by Diana Eugeni La Quesne. The fashion film features two women who live in neighboring apartments.  A hole in the apartment wall provides the two with a view into each other’s lives, which soon develops into an obsession.  Hair and makeup by Jay Pinxie with music by Marco Iannelli.
Diana Eugeni Le Quesne
Diana Eugeni Le Quesne has a degree in architecture with a dance background. She has worked with video since 2001. She created several 9-screen stories for art galleries. In the last 2 years she has focused on stories about females, exploring emotions and feelings. Her females are androgynous and fragile. She has worked for different fashion brands (C’n’C Costume National, Closed, Levi’s, Prada Parfume), Magazines ( Grazia FR, Vogue.it, Commonuncommon) and art galleries (Art’è Group, Fmr, Gloria Maria gallery). She lives in London since 2010 with her husband and 3 kids.
Dirk Lindner
Dirk Lindner’s photography has attracted the eye of the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Awards judges twice.  He brings a minimalist sensibility to his work, which has found a home in publications such as Blackbook Magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Wire, GQ and Spex.  Commercially, he has applied his style to fulfil the needs of clients reaching from Vodafone to Island Records.  Born and raised in Germany, Dirk studied photography and film at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design before embarking on his career, first in New York and now in London where he lives with his wife and children.
Jay Pinxie Turnbull
Hair and makeup artist, stylist, prop stylist and art direction She has been involved in fashion/ film and theatre. Recent projects include styling the last 3 seasons for Gossard advertising campaigns, doing the hair and makeup on a campaign for Hep C Awareness with Boy George, and as the photographer working with celebrities such as Paloma Faith, Liza Doolittle, Mat Horne, Gizi Erskine and Sadie Frost, to name a few involved. Jay has taught at the London college of Fashion and London school of Beauty and Makeup.
Melinda Szepesi
Natalie Kuzmenko