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Jantaminiau’s line Irradiance showed at Haute Couture in Paris in January. Through its artfully constructed garments, Irradiance conjures up a world of unreality.

“One hundred percent artistic freedom,” Jan Taminiau declares in regards to couture. “Couture has nothing to do with reality or being wearable. It is about free imagination and the extraordinary.”

Through his impeccable technique, and surreal designs this 12th collection from Jantaminiau traces circles around the relationship between the brightness of obscurity and  inescapable reality. The collection shimmers with silver threads woven through many of his pieces and is darkened by grey and black tones. For a literally heightened sense of drama, the models wear heel-less platform shoes on which the models almost seem to hover.

Each piece moves as an individual work of art. This is in part due to the fact that all of the models heads are covered completely with fabric, which functions to eliminate any personality that the model might bring to the clothes, and instead bring the focus to the clothes as a moving art, filled with drama and fantasy.