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John Varvatos’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Collection debuted at Milan Men’s Fashion Week in January. This travel-inspired menswear collection simultaneously conveys the atmosphere of another bygone era while pushing a modern aesthetic.

Varvatos has said of his collection, “my ethos has always been about a modern take on the old world. The men I have in mind are intrigued by the past, but don’t let nostalgia trap them into an anachronistic dream; they are resolutely connected with the present.

“For this collection, I thought about a traveler: a man with a deeply felt hunger to experience and explore; a wanderer whose quest for knowledge brings him on a train ride from the metropolis to the small villages, and back.”

The romance of travel and timeless-ness combines with a layered styling to create the image of a mysterious and adventurous man. Tailored pants, vests and jackets aligned with luxurious knitwear, fingerless gloves, and leather tassels come together effortlessly. The look is relaxed and comfortable, yet strong and powerful. Heavy outerwear and thick boots allude to the distant lands these men seem to have stomped through on their to Milan.

Most significantly, the varied textures and thickness of his chosen fabrics helps to communicate the whirlwind life that the traveler lives. By layering treated leathers, cold-dyed linens, and wools, Varvatos creates richness and consistancy in his collection through his variation.