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Top Man and Fashion East presents MAN and the 11th season of its menswear.  Designer Thom Murphy (of New Power Studio) and Felipe Rojas Llanos (MA graduate of Central St. Martin’s) joins MAN this season, with the catwalk debut from Martine Roses. They presented first a military inspired collection, mixed with bright oranges and a men’s skirt over khakis. Next up was a very minimal collection, in neutrals with clean lines and a juxtaposition of sheer and opaque fabrics. Lastly we had a collection with a more urban inspiration, which was rather interestingly broken up by a performance art piece with 4 boys connected into one outfit by long straps, as they ballet pointed down the catwalk in unison, and then did a 4-point turn randomly covering their mouths, perhaps in some sort of new-age protest.  They were followed shortly after by an Ali G lookalike in a back shiny tracksuit, and a few other random abstract pieces. An interesting and rather diverse collection that didn’t seem to have a cohesive direction, but nonetheless was entertaining, and certainly had some cool pieces mixed in.

Fashion week coverage and videos directed by Indira Cesarine for XXXX Magazine

Fashion research assistants: Sandy Chen, Angelina Cepeda, Leslie Gonzalez & Natalie Barnes

Video footage by Barnaby Murtagh, Video edit by Mayumi Suzuki for XXXX Magazine