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In it’s much anticipated show, Mugler’s new line of menswear showed at Paris Mens Fashion Week F/W 2011-2012 under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti.

Days before the show of the first menswear line from Mugler, the newly branded Thierry Mugler, Formichetti, who is also the fashion director of Lady Gaga, put the fashion world on edge by annoucing that his muse was a facially tattooed man that he had tracked down from Facebook. His inspiration, Rick Genest, has his whole head tattooed to resemble a skeleton. With such a reputation for fashion show spectacles and a bizarre source of inspiration, the show could have easily gone over board in a dangerous direction, and everyone was buzzing to see the new line.

However, instead of radical, the crowd was shocked to see a relatively tamed and tailored line for Mugler. Detailed three piece suits, woolen trousers, and three quarter coats with clean lines, all very normal looking, were paired with items more characteristically Mugler. Most notable of these were the latex gloves, a vest of mirrors, rubbery coats, and gauzy veils that gave the looks a ghostlike appearence.