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Qasimi Homme showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week F/W 2011-2012 in January. Khalid Al Qasimi draws from his Middle Eastern background in his line for fall and winter which is based on the theme of Future Tribalism. Body scars, traditional armours, tribal tattoo, oil spills, and cave art were the influences for this show.

According to Qasimi Homme, the line tells a story of “a boy [who] struggles to cope with his turbulent adolescence and deals with the latent power of becoming a destructive man in the world of the future. He rediscovers his tribal instincts for comfort and protection in his transgressive journey towards darkness.”

Bold prints of overlaid herringbone, graphic herring bone and tribal tattoos express the conflict within the inspiration. Also, the line features dark colors, among them are chocolate, tan, black, aubergine, graphite, pebble, and charcoal. The dark color palette carries a heavy weight in establishing the tone of the line.